The Versatility of Wood: From TED2015 to Helping Community

Steven Hofer, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
March 17, 2015

The Lions Marquee is the perfect location for 1,000 of the world’s leading thinkers and doers to appreciate the beauty of our 16-foot Douglas-Fir lumber against the backdrop of Vancouver’s magnificent scenery.

The marquee was built for this week’s TED2015 Conference in Vancouver with wood from our sawmill in Adams Lake, BC. When the event ends Friday, the structure will find a new home in the DTES Street Market in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside where it will offer shelter to vendors and visitors. The event runs every Sunday and supports hundreds of local residents in one of Canada’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods.

The Lions Marquee resembles the Lions peaks on Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains, and was created and built by 17 local design and architectural students, under the direction of not-for-profit DBR│DESIGN BUILD RESEARCH INSTITUTE.

It is a great way to demonstrate the versatility of wood – and it fits perfectly with our Company’s promise to build value for our communities.

Michael Green, an award-winning Vancouver architect who co-founded DBR, says that when TED organizers asked for a structure to shelter participants during breaks, he chose wood because it is “the best structural material on earth” and easy to repurpose for long-term community benefits.

This is the second year Interfor lumber has been part of TED – a non-profit platform that has been sharing ideas worth spreading since 1984. The backdrop to the TED2014 community stage in Vancouver was made with our Hem-Fir and Western Red Cedar.