Balancing our
triple bottom line

We contribute to healthy local economies

We understand the interconnectedness between our people and the communities where they work and live. Contributing to a healthy economy and environment is a key part of our business philosophy and practice. The main way we do this is through donations to organizations and programs that are beneficial to the community as a whole. We also get involved in community events, and support the next generation of the forest industry through scholarships and learning opportunities.

Our approach to giving

Our mission is to build value in everything we do, every day.  That means building value for the communities in which we operate by supporting a healthy economy and environment.  We do this, in part, through donations to organizations and programs in these regions that are beneficial to the community as a whole. Examples include initiatives that relate to education, children/youth, health, and the environment. Preference is given to programs where there is a clear connection to the forest industry and/or Interfor as a company.

Requests for donations should detail how the project relates to the community/region in which Interfor operates, how it connects to the forest sector as well as outline how Interfor’s support will be recognized and/or communicated.

Send requests (including completed donation form) to:

Email: communications [at]